CB Connect

Historically there has been a lack of culturally and ethnically diverse representation in many high level networks, especially in suburban and rural areas. CB Connect’s membership based network is a multi-regional connector for people of color north of Boston. We recognize the importance of supporting entrepreneurs of color as a highly marginalized demographic within the business sector. Based on this history, while open to everyone, the CB Connect exists to unify Black, Latinx, Indigenous and Asian populations north of Boston. Our focus is on supporting entrepreneurs who identify as women of color, as well as men and other allies. The CB Connect network aims to tap into the $3 trillion dollars being left on the table by unemployed and underemployed people of color, including the over $1.2 trillion dollars in spending power that comes from the black community alone. For less than a gym membership you can tap into the power of community and the “net-worth of network”.

Membership rates start at $25 per month. There are 12 membership levels to choose from. 

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